HiFlo-Filtro Oil Filter HF160RC Racing Road and Track, replaces BMW 11427721779

HiFlo-Filtro Oil Filter HF160RC Racing Road and Track, replaces BMW 11427721779


Manufacturer: Hi Flo

Part Number: HF160RC

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This Product is available in our warehouse
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The new range of Hiflofiltro RC racing oil filters have been developed to meet the rigorous demands of top level race use, providing unsurpassed performance with the following features:

  • Tough heavy duty steel canister
  • 17mm cross drilled nut enabling easy installation, removal, and lock wiring for race use
  • Advanced high performance tri-fiber filtration media for:
    • Optimum filtration
    • High capacity
    • Improved oil flow
  • Rubber coated relief valve for perfect sealing
  • Compatible with all oil types
  • Engineered for both track and street

Hiflofiltro are the only TÜV certified oil filters, ensuring the highest levels of quality, performance, and vehicle warranty compatibility. Hiflofiltro RC is the ultimate performance oil filter.

  Customer Questions & Answers
Hello,When I check the compatibility of Hiflo HF160 RC with BMW F 800 GS 2014,your answer is : "This Product is NOT Specific for you Motorcycle".I do not agree, as the producer website HIFLO confirms compatibility on following link : http://www.hiflofiltro.com/catalogue/filter/HF160RC .I have also seen compatibility on other vendor sites, maybe you have to take a look ?Kind regards,Christian----------------
June / 24 / 2019
We took a look many years ago when a customer purchased a filter that was not correct because He followed the Hiflo web site application list. We purchased all the BMW OEM filters and compared to HiFlo filters, then we made the correct application list. Our web site application is correct so far. Check the italian page of HF160 HF164 HF165 so many customers asked us your question, we replied we are correct, and when they received the filter for which we confirm compatibility they confirmed as well it was correct.

 I would like to know if it is compatible with 2019 r1250gs nomal.
September / 09 / 2020
Thank you for contacting us through our website. We confirm that this product is compatible with your motorcycle. If you use the 'Compatibility with my bike' tool you can check it by yourself, and you will also get useful tips to search for other compatible parts. You can also find products compatible with your bike by filtering the site for your model year, you can also extend or limit the search using the filter by manufacturer or by category. NB: the '-' symbol before or after a year indicates 'up to the model year' or 'starting from the model year'.

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