Ogio RIG 9800 Gear Luggage Bag Wheeled Black

Ogio RIG 9800 Gear Luggage Bag Wheeled Black

Ogio RIG 9800 Gear Luggage Bag Wheeled BlackOgio RIG 9800 Gear Luggage Bag Wheeled BlackOgio RIG 9800 Gear Luggage Bag Wheeled BlackOgio RIG 9800 Gear Luggage Bag Wheeled Black  

Manufacturer: Ogio

Part Number: 121001.03

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OGIO RIG 9800 has been designed to be mishandling, this is the classic bag where to put the equipment for off-road, for the Track, for extreme sports where you need to bring boots, helmet, gear etc.
It 'a sturdy bag that lasts, an investment for athletes but also for the discerning traveler, for those who want a tough bag with many compartments, easy to carry, a bag drag roughly up and down the stairs stations.


  • SLED (Structural Load Equalizing Deck) System for increased durability and handling in the harshest of conditions.
  • Wide mouth LID opening for easy access to all gear compartments.
  • Large main compartment with adjustable dividers and padded helmet chamber.
  • Several multi-use LID compartments for apparel and smaller gear.
  • iFOM (integrated foam) construction throughout for added gear protection.
  • Heavy duty oversized wheels with extra clearance.
  • Secure hold compression strap system.
  • Telescoping pull handle


  • Dimensions: 86.4 cm H x 41.9 cm W x 38.7 cm D - 34" Hx 16.5" Wx 15.25" D
  • Weight: 6.44 Kg - 14.2 Lbs.
  • Capacity: 122,9 L - 7500 Cubic Inches

Directly from OGIO web site two interesting customer reviews, we just copy and paste here:

I've had this bag since May 2012 and have taken it on a combined total of 8 months of schlepping this thing all over Europe. It's hauled all of my parachuting and camping gear and protected my helmets. Its been dragged down many train station flights of stairs (not carefully carried either thanks to short transfers), endured baggage handlers abuse, been rained on, rolled through muddy grass, slept on, dragged up stairs etc. The sled system shows no signs of giving up - just gouges and scratches to the plastic that would have ended the life of a lesser bag. Well worth the money if you travel a lot and are rough on luggage. It will hold way more than the 50# airline baggage allowance, so keep that in mind when packing.

At this (higher) price you have several options from different companies. I took my time and felt this was a good choice; 1.) I liked how the bag opened up all the way for easy access. Some bags only loaded from the top. 2.) I have not put it to the full test yet but feel the plastic "SLED system" will go a long way to protect the fabric bag from damage. I could not find another motorcycle gear bag like the "SLED" to compare. It seems like an easy purchase decision that will out last the other bags. 3.) The overall quality seems higher from Ogio than from other manufacturers. The only area I would like to improve upon for a perfect gear bag; have a better protected designated area to protect my $500 helmet. But for now I will do that myself. This is a great bag and you won't be disappointed.

  Customer Questions & Answers
 I am looking to buy the Ogio RIG 9800 Gear Luggage Bag Wheeled Black, but in the pictures it shows as having bright blue sections.Can you confirm the color scheme of the item that will be delivered?
May / 06 / 2019
The black one. The first picture so far. The pictures with blue are only here to show how you can fill it.

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