Rizoma EVO Rear Sets BMW K 1300 R

Rizoma EVO Rear Sets BMW K 1300 R

Rizoma EVO Rear Sets BMW K 1300 RRizoma EVO Rear Sets BMW K 1300 RRizoma EVO Rear Sets BMW K 1300 R  

Manufacturer: Rizoma

Part Number: PE408B

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Inspired by race world, Rizoma has made charming design rearsets.
Thanks to a combination of different billet aluminum parts, performance and lightness has been reached by Rizoma designers
Every articulation is guaranteed by a bearing.
Then just moving over the drilled supports, you can change rearsets inclination and height, changing riding feeling as well.
Rotating the silver plate where pegs is fixed you can switch to 4 positions.
The below pictures (taken from 2011 Rizoma catalogue) shows the features of a typical Rizoma rearsets (it is for a Kawasaki), features that are common for this rearseats also.

TÜV approval guarantee quality and safety of this product.

Upwards 0 > 16 mm
Backwards 0 > 16 mm
Diagonal 0 > 16 mm
Compatible with PE611A
Reverse Shifting: INCLUDED

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