fiberglass Front Fender Honda CBR1000RR 08-11

fiberglass Front Fender Honda CBR1000RR 08-11  

Manufacturer: Plastic Bike

Part Number: VT3666

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All Fiberglass made with carbon leaves in the critical or stressed parts, Plastic Bike fairings come from years of collaboration with official SS and SBK teams.
We divide fairings in front fairing and tale (solo seat), each of them is sold separately.
Front fairing is sold without screen and D-Ring Fairing Fastener , usually fits original frame holes and brackets.
Solo seat is sold separately too; when choosing the tale, you buy the fiberglass part, accessories like saddle or supports (if requested) are sold separately.
Some tales needs a support to hold the rider weight, so please check in the fiberglass channel of your bike if this part is present.
Fiberglass parts comes rough and white gel cot finished. We don't sell them painted or with stickers if in the enclosed picture bike is painted or not rough is only to show how can be the final result or because the picture is the only one we have (usually we use official team pictures).
Lower fairing part complies FIM rules for oil spanning. Use with catalytic pipes should require lower fairing small modifications
The picture below shows an inside part of a generic fairing with the typical carbon leaves.

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