Matris Rear Shock Absorber for Honda X-ADV, KD version

adjustments : Rebound, Height, Spring Preload

Matris Rear Shock Absorber for Honda X-ADV, KD version; adjustments : Rebound, Height, Spring Preload

Matris Rear Shock Absorber for Honda X-ADV, KD version  

Manufacturer: Matris

Part Number: MH248.1KD

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  • Hydraulic monoshock with inside pressurized expantion tank (Nitrogen gas N2).
  • Monoshock 46 mm cylinder in Aluminium alloy Al 7075 with lapping and oxidation surface treatment.
  • High tensile alloy steel piston rod with hard chrome surface coating.
  • Rebound adjustment.
  • Adjustable Spring Preload
  • Adjustable wheelbase.

Please Note: Picture is showing a KD generic rear shock, every single application could be lightly different

  Customer Questions & Answers
The original Honda X-ADV rear shock has no adjustable rebound damping but a fixed rebound setting.For a comparison let's assume on a scale from1 (very low rebound-damping / very soft) to10 (max rebound-damping / very hard)the original Honda rear shock is at level 6.My question: From where to where would you discribe the adjustable rebound-RANGE of the Matris rear shock ? Second question: How many "klicks" in damping setting does the Matris shock have?Example:1-6 = lighter damping than original shock6-10 = harder damping than original shockThanks for your answer in advance!
You can't compare stock shock to Matris. Two different worlds. The stock suspensions are relly too poor. I own a X-ADV , as it is stock has too many problems. I changed tires and suspensions so far. BTW Matris shock has about 38 click.

Does the Matris rear shock come with documentation of an EC-type-approval?So, is it street-legal in Europe?
Matris does not provide any Approval because it is not necessary to have any approval to mount a rear shock in Europe and in the rest of the world. Maybe it could be requested in Germany or Austria , in any case it is not provided.

 How lenght has the shock absorber?
Good Morning, lenght supplied 311mm, adjustable from min 310mm to max 319mm

 Hi,Will the spring be a custom one for my weight? or is it just a generic one?Thanks
It is possible to provide specific spring , in this case, the rear shock we have here ready in stock is for standard riders which fits 90% of the riders. If you need a specific set up please write a new question and we will check.

 I own a Honda x adv 2018 model I have z weight of 189 lbs and my wife 80kgs when we both go on the bike the rear lowest to much do you have a read suspension that with cure this problem.Thanks
Yes sure, this rear shock will do. When you place the order specify what you just wrote and we will ask Matris to build this rear shock as per you needs.

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