Akrapovic Complete Racing Exhaust System Honda VTR 1000 SP2/RC51 02-

2-2 Full Titanium mufflers with Titanium sleeve

Akrapovic Complete Racing Exhaust System Honda VTR 1000 SP2/RC51 02- ; 2-2 Full Titanium mufflers with Titanium sleeve
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    The RACING line is the one which quickens the pulse of motorcyclists. It is developed and tuned especially for each specific model of motorcycle, without regard to the level of racing character of the bike. It is also intended for race-hardened riders who are used to trying to ride the perfect line on the race course.

    Even though the point is to increase adrenalin flow throughout the rider's body, many riders choose to use this system for everyday use, as the system can be installed on an otherwise stock bike.

    The Akrapovic RACING line has a very distinctive design. It is a complete exhaust system, composed of conical elements which due to the specifics of their construction require watchmaker's precision and state-of-the-art welding technology, making it essentially a work of art! The conical composition of the system allows maximum exploitation of the physical features of the flow of exhaust gases.

    Each system is designed to reach the limit and is in each case individually specific; this is shown in the installation of crossover tubes between the header tubes. If the results of testing show no improvement using the crossover tubes, they are not installed.

    The RACING line guarantees extreme high performance. The increase in power and torque is extreme, as is characteristic of Akrapovic exhaust systems. If you are a fan of pulling power at high revs, you will be delighted by the benefits of this exhaust system. This series has the special characteristic of having the power concentrated in the upper end of the rpm range, as is called for by the basic intent of the systems – their use on the racetrack, where the advantage is gained in the upper rpm range. The icing on the cake is its instantly recognizable racing sound, which exposes its racing spirit. A vital weapon in the hunt for those crucial hundredths of second

    In the last years Akrapovic has introduced a new version of the racing exhaust: Street Legal,
    Street Legal uses a TÜV approved E1 muffler with db-killer, instead of the racing one.
    So if you mighty intend to use a racing exhaust to ride from your garage to the nearest pub you could need a street legal version!


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