Bitubo Rear Shock Absorber for Honda PCX 125/150 09-13, type YGB01, 1 pair

Bitubo Rear Shock Absorber for Honda PCX 125/150 09-13, type YGB01, 1 pair

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Twin rear shock absorbers for 125/250cc scooters, pressurized gas (Nitrogen) with oil/gas piston separator. Setting calibrated diferently for each scooter model.
Shock absorber body in a high resistance steel alloy, coated with new antioxidant and anti-wear treatments. Upper and lower attachments head in aluminum alloy worked from a single block by CNC.

The spring of the absorbers may be in red or black, depending on the application (model of scooter)

The YRB version is for mounting in the front axle

N.B: The displayed product is generic for YGB. Some characteristics (eg. Mountings) may vary for each model application


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