TWM Remote Adjuster Kit for Brembo RCS, 16x16, 16x18, 19x16, 19x18, 19x20 mc

remote lever adjuster kit with bar clip, choose color

TWM Remote Adjuster Kit for Brembo RCS, 16x16, 16x18, 19x16, 19x18, 19x20 mc  

Manufacturer: TWM

Part Number: TWMRA

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TWM Remote Adjuster Kit for Brembo RCS, 16x16, 16x18, 19x16, 19x18, 19x20 mc, color Black; remote lever adjuster kit with bar clip
Color: Black
Part Number: TWMRA.N
Availability:  In Stock
Our Price: € 57,00


TWM Remote Adjuster for Brembo Brake Radial Master Cylinders, fits RCS and 16x16, 16x18, 19x16, 19x18, 19x20 (mc are listed in the linked products section).

This kit includes 1 left hand clamp with colored adjuster, 1 cable, mc colored connector.
The left clamp has an adjustable head, that can be fixed when you have found the right position.
The wire is a steel wire inside a 75cm long plastic hose.
SImply to connect: just remove the stock adjuster and fix the TWM on the mc

  Customer Questions & Answers
Do you ship to the US? I am interested in the TWM Remote Adjuster, do you have the installation manual for it on electronic file? If so, can you forward it to my email? If you do ship to the US, please let me know what the total cost would be to ship to US zip code 23233Thank you for your time
We do ship to US. To install this part just screw the end part into the lever adjuster.

 I cant seem to chose shipping method, is there somthing less than 40 EU which is mor like 65 us Thanks!
Yes order at

 do you have this in gold colour.and can i take of the wire little shorter than 750 mm.i have buying brembo brake master cylinder rcs 19-20 from you.thank
Right now we don't have this part in gold . This is the second time I answer this question

 HI will this work with the RCS17. thanks
Good morning, yes it works with RCS17

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