Fabbri Windshield Piaggio MP3 125/250/300/400 06-09, "Estate" type, dim 60x65cm, dim HxL 600mm x 650mm

Fabbri Windshield Piaggio MP3 125/250/300/400 06-09, "Estate" type, dim 60x65cm, dim HxL 600mm x 650mm
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Support Forum

Question:  Hello is this windshild without germans ABE or is it indicated for the german market?
Answer:  Has not ABE or any other certification for german market

Question:  Hello, Is legal to ride this Piaggio MP3 with this windshield in France ?
Answer:  This product has not any country certification
Question:  Hi How much higher is Fabbri windshield than the original MP3 windshield. Regards, Stephen Shephard
Answer:  Don't know the original but we have the dimensions of this one
Question:  Will this fit the MP3 500?
Answer:  No, MP3 500 is called Gilera Fuoco 500 in Italy and it is not supported
Answer:  Clear
Question:  The MP3-400 can reach a speed of up to 150Kmh. Can this shield withstand the wind pressure, or is there a maximum speed limit for it?
Answer:  There is not a speed limit, obviously not over 300 km/h :)
Question:  does the windshield fits to the new model (2009)?
Answer:  Right Now fabbri has not checked this windshield on 2009 model year, will be done soon , and we will updated web inbfo asap
Question:  I have just received my order (150903) & it has a warning sticker on it saying Maximum speed is 100Km/h. Above you say no speed limit with this screen, which is correct?
Answer:  Both: I have asked again Fabbri, their answer is that the sticker is only an advice , a warning . This is the italian answer we got : "Per quanto riguarda la “limitazione” a 100km/h è solo un consiglio, poi uno si comporta poi come crede"
Question:  can you supply this "tinted"?
Answer:  It is only clear. Can be supplied on demand but will take a long time to be produced
Question:  Fabrri says in his homepage "" that the product fits on the 2009 model. I've bought my MP3 in 2010, but was made in 2009. Does the windshield fits to this model ??
Answer:  Fits every model year produced from 2006 to 2009. se monta en todos los modelos
Question:   Will this windshield fit my 2011 MP3 400ie RL (Euro) model?
Answer:  No the right part is the 2835 or 2838
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