Rizoma Resistor Kit for Led indicators

Rizoma Resistor Kit for Led indicators

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Resistor Kit for Led Indicators

Kit is composed by FOUR Cabled Resistors to be used for TWO Led Indicators.

Cable Ends are the typical blade connectors used on most commercial indicators.

FAQ: I want to buy Led indicators: Do I have to buy Resistors ?

  • If you are replacing a stock Led indicator with another Led indicator, you don't need anything else, you don't need this product.
  • If you are replacing a Bulb indicator you need this product

Please Note: Rizoma Indicators already includes resistors, therefore you don't need to purchase this product to install.

This Resistor Kit works both with 6-10W bulbs (two resistors in parallel each indicator) and 21W bulbs (two resistors in series each indicator).

Download pdf install file and read the instructions, they are really clear and will remove any doubt. Instructions also includes a list of tested bikes with their install schema.


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